Tabletop Inquisition Episode 5 – An Interview with Janice Turner of Wren Games

Tabletop Inquisition is a podcast collaboration of Boardgame Inquisition and Tabletop Games Blog. In each episode, we tackle a different issue facing board games, the people who play them and maybe their industry. We have our first interview, and our guest is Janice Turner of Wren Games who we ask our block of fun questions, before we talk about her gaming past, her journey through the tabletop games industry, as well as her gaming present, including the current Kickstarter for Sensor Ghosts and Assembly: Re-Sequence & Override – and a small look into the future. Plus we have a very, very special guest to answer one of our questions and to tell us what their favourite game is. You’ll have to listen to find out more. In memory of James Mathe.

Links Wren Games website: 
Janice Turner on Twitter: 
Wren Games on Facebook: 
Wren Games on Twitter:
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Kickstarter for Sensor Ghosts and Assembly: Re-Sequence & Override: …
Sensor Ghosts: …
Assembly: Re-Sequence & Override: … Sensor Ghosts review:
Assembly: Re-Sequence & Override review:
Assembly: Glitches Review:
Playtest UK: 
UK Games Expo: 
Curious Monkey Games: 
Cards or Die: 

Games Mentioned:
Beasts of Balance: 
CD Adventure: … Love Letter: …
Coup: …
Forbidden Island: …
Forbidden Sky: …
7th Continent: 
Robinson Crusoe: …
The Maiden Voyage: …
Inca the Tinker: …

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