About Board Game Inquisition

At Board Game Inquisition we focus on board games in terms of a collection. Where might a game fit? What is it similar to? Is it different enough to games I already own? Does it tick all my boxes?

We’re not here to tell you how to play a game but rather break it down and provide feedback to help you curate the perfect board game collection.

Get in Touch

I’m always available via email: boardgameinquisition@gmail.com. You could also reach out to me on twitter as @BGInquisition or even Facebook at boardgame inquisition.

Game Review Guidelines

  • I love reviewing games and sharing them with our followers via writing and video.

  • I’m interested in previews and game reviews (In the 5 Things You Need to Know about X format.) See my YouTube channel to get a sense of my style.

  • However, I am open to trying other setups. Please ask if you’ve something specific in mind.

  • My review will be just that, a discussion of the game and my thoughts on it. I focus on balanced reviews, so there will be positives and negatives, to provide the viewer with as much information as possible.

  • The type of games I’m interested in is rather broad, I love all types! However, since I focus on two player reviews, for the most part, party games, family games or games for larger groups would be wasted on me.

  • I’ll take photographs of your game and post both those and my review to your BGG page so please make sure you have one.

  • I’ll also promote your game on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram unless otherwise stated.

  • The timeframe for games will vary based on the game itself but in general, I need at least a month or more to produce a review. For previews, I will do my best to have it ready for a specific date. Letting me know the required date from the outset will vastly increase the likelihood of having everything ready on time. (I’ve not missed a deadline yet) The more time you give me the more chance I have to enjoy and digest your game.

  • I don’t charge for my services but I’d appreciate all donations to keep Board Game Inquisition up and running. You can support my Patreon here: Patreon or donate directly to Paypal.